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Our experts are leaders in their field

As a leader in the area of business services, TRIGRID is proud to be a worldwide innovator in the field. We offer class leading professional services in areas such accounting and bookkeeping, marketing, communications, technology and business management.

Synergy leads to success.

Our world class group offers quality services provided by seasoned experts in bookkeeping, marketing, pr, advertising, accounting, IT support, and business strategy.

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Web Design & Social Media

Web Design & Social Media- Because just a website isn’t enough.

Are you keeping up with changes in the internet? Your clients are, and so must you. Social Media is here to stay, and our team at TriGrid can help.

Our experts in social media management help you set up a strong presence on the media network, manage the accounts for you, and provide you with a thorough training service.

Benefits of using  Social Media

Targeted advertising: whether it be age, gender, social class, or location, social media enables you to focus your advertisements to the customers you want.

Gain fans: with specially branded pages, you can use your fans to help you spread the word about your business and services.

Connect with your clients: Social Media allows you to directly engage with your fans and customers. Receive direct comment and feedback on your services!

Globalize your business: Facebook and Twitter users can be targeted world-wide, why not expand your market to every corner of the world?

Use us to gain customers.

Our experts have expansive knowledge of the realm of social media, and can grow your audience and customer base. We work with you personally to design a customized program that will develop your business networks, generate fans, customers, and loyalty to you and your brand.

Management across diverse platforms.

Our Experts will establish a strong presence for you on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, LinkedIn,Pinterest, Google+ and more.

Once you have it, use it.

TriGrid not only sets up your Social Media presence, but can also manage the accounts for you.

Having and updating multiple accounts with fresh and interesting content takes a lot of time and effort.

Let us help you make your business a success by taking the stress out of managing your social Media presence, no matter what your business.

Want to learn?

If you decide you want to manage the accounts on your own, we offer a thorough training program specially designed and personalized to familiarize you with your social media accounts.
We teach you the best ways to generate a large follower base, and how best to update your

Go Beyond Social Media

Social Media is a crucial to your marketing campaign. Let us take it a step further and develop a complete marketing plan that will expand your business and grow your customer base!

We offer truly complete marketing services including web page design, social media management, logo and business card design, website hosting and more.

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