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As a leader in the area of business services, TRIGRID is proud to be a worldwide innovator in the field. We offer class leading professional services in areas such accounting and bookkeeping, marketing, communications, technology and business management.

Synergy leads to success.

Our world class group offers quality services provided by seasoned experts in bookkeeping, marketing, pr, advertising, accounting, IT support, and business strategy.

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If you want to cut costs, grow long-term, and establish a trusting relationship with stakeholders, our range of accounting services can help you do this. From organized and clear financial reports to robust procedures, we can serve all your accounting needs.


From income tax statements, balance sheet prep, to tax returns, the TriGrid accountant team has plenty of knowledge to provide you with both flexible and solid solutions. With certifications in areas like Chartered Accountants and Certified General Accountant, we’ll un-complicate it for you and ensure that all of your reports are done on time, are up-to-date, easy to understand, and accurate.

Legal compliance

It’s important to make sure your reports comply with updated regulations and requirements, so our team will follow up for you and give you helpful, accurate, and timely advice. That way, you’ll have more time to make important strategic decisions!


At TriGrid, we believe in ethical business relations. We aren’t just providing you with a service, we want a relationship with you. Your professionalism and trust is important to us and you can be 100% sure of our confidentiality and privacy in the information you provide us.

Administrative matters

Every day technology changes, so to keep up with these developments, our accounting experts know all about major software solutions which will help maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

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