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As a leader in the area of business services, TRIGRID is proud to be a worldwide innovator in the field. We offer class leading professional services in areas such accounting and bookkeeping, marketing, communications, technology and business management.

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Our world class group offers quality services provided by seasoned experts in bookkeeping, marketing, pr, advertising, accounting, IT support, and business strategy.

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HR Services

TriGrid HR Services

Finding qualified and capable employees is a time consuming and difficult task in today’s market. TriGrid’s Human Resource Service is ideally placed to find you the perfect individual for even the hardest to fill positions.

Whether you are looking for an expert sales representative or an experienced designer, we have ways to find you that needle in the haystack. At TriGrid, we are experts at locating, assessing, and acquiring qualified professionals who will help your business succeed. From temporary to permanent or even contractual employment, we can help you get through that stack of resumes. TriGrid takes the stress out of finding the right employee so you don’t have to.

We go the extra step.

You know that the hardest part about sourcing the right employee is not only finding someone with a perfect resume. The candidate must also fit well with your staff and the culture of your office. That’s why TriGrid takes steps to meet with you and get to know you and your company so that we can find you the perfect employee on paper and in person.

TriGrid will find you the perfect fit, and keep in touch with you and your new employee to make sure you both are totally satisfied. Take the work out of sifting through resumes and contact us today.

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